About Metro City Properties

Metro City Properties is a privately family owned and operated property management, acquisition and development company since 1987. Metro City Properties provides a diverse and attractive living spaces for New Yorkers with our multifaceted portfolio comprising of several units in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queen's most desirable neighborhoods.

Metro City Property

Metro City Properties strives for proficiency and transparency in management, construction and leasing. Over the years, Metro City Properties has renovated buildings in the New York City area. Our innovative use of every square foot of impeccable living space promises not only unique designs, but brings premium value to Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens Real Estate Market. We strive to create a unique living space, which incorporates a contemporary atmosphere, both in our exterior and interior design.

We are fully committed to all our tenants and the communities in which we serve. We are a company that respects our tenant’s opinion and will work closely to help achieve all of their goals. We have an open door policy, and constantly inform our tenants on the status of the building.

We strive to keep our buildings a safe and friendly environment. Every potential tenant goes through a credit, criminal and sex offender background, employment verification and residency/rental history.

We understand our tenants are busy and we now accept payments and applications through our website.
We have a 24/7 emergency service call which, will contact the manager immediately to resolve any and all issues which may occur.

Please contact us at 212-473-8011 with any questions and we look forward to meeting your housing needs.